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Proyecto Erasmus+ "" Primera reunión en Arles (Francia) 6-13 noviembre 2016

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“” is an ERASMUS+ Program that brings together teachers, students and schools in a cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary program in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Belgium. Our agenda includes weeklong visits in each of the 5 countries in a span of two years. Each visit tackles sustainability from a different angle: food, waste, architecture, fashion and travel. Among the questions we tackle are, what does sustainability mean and how does it affect us? What can European schools and students do to become more sustainable?


Our first inter-school meeting took place at the state school of Lycée Mont Majour in Arles, France. Our students' enjoyed the experience and these are some of their conclusions:

Claudia Morillo. 4ESO:

​"Two weeks ago I lived the experience of being in a foreign country to work about sustainability. At first I thought that it could be a great opportunity to improve my English and French, but then I realized that it was much more than that.......​In the eight days my impression about how the world works and the problems we have caused to it has changed, and I think that this is one of the main aims why this project is being carried out. As I wrote in the leaflet I showed there, “The first step is awareness”.

We have learned what sustainability means for five different countries, we discussed about different topics, we showed each other our way of eating, cooking, recycling… And not just that, French people also displayed a lot of interesting places where sustainable food is produced. On the other hand, I’ve met many fascinating people I will always be in touch with.

​In conclusion, this has been an amazing experience for my schoolmates and me, an experience we will never forget. That’s why I’m very grateful to the teachers who have made this possible and have given us this great opportunity"

Alejandra Acosta . 4ESO:

"The best experience I had in France with the Erasmus+ project was when I was asked to talk to French students. I was deadly nervous but had a subject I knew about: sustainability in food. As Carmen Tesón (Biology teacher)tells us: "it's not your presentation that matters, it's what you put into it".  I'll never forget this experience"

Mario Bernete. 4ESO:

"I spent a wonderful week in Arles. I would have never imagined how I miss the people we met there.Although we were in Arles just for 7 days I've improved my English a lot and I can even speak in French better now.

So, it's an experience I strongly recommend o everyone and I will never forget."


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