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Encuentro con nuestros socios Erasmus+ en Genzano di Roma

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imagenDentro del programa de actividades de nuestra Asociación Escolar Erasmus+ "", hemos realizado la visita a la escuela Liceo Scientifico Statale Giovanni Vailati en Genzano di Roma (Italia) entre el 4 y el 11 de noviembre de 2017, en la que han participado cinco alumnos de 1º de bachillerato y tres profesores. En relación con el tema principal de nuestro proyecto, la Sostenibilidad, en este encuentro hemos analizado aspectos relacionados con el "turismo sostenible". Durante nuestra estancia se han realizado talleres, presentaciones de los alumnos, trabajos en el aula, así como diversas visitas: Palazzo Sforza en Genzano, Palazzo Chigi en Ariccia, Museo delle Navi Romane y visita guiada a la ciudad de Roma. El próximo encuentro será en De Panne (Bélgica) del 18 al 24 de febrero de 2018.
 Opiniones de algunos alumnos participantes:
" I´ve had such a fantastic week in Italy from which I can take a lot of good memories that will stay forever in my heart.
Firstly I will take into consideration the visits: I have really enjoyed the palaces we saw in Genzano, and their history, what have been for me very interesting. However, the most beautiful place, for me, was Rome due to it churchs, palaces, pantheons, and the rest of ancient buildings. The ones which caught my eye the most were Fontana di Trevi andVaticano.
Secondly, I have to mention that I have learnt so much about sustainable tourism with the students' speeches, the questionnaire we made, and even just about sustainability with the funny activities we made, such as making earings with plastic bottles. It is true that I'd prefer we had done more activities outside the school, but, anyway, everything has been fantastic.
Another point to consider is the family; I have felt like at home and really delighted of being with them, they all were so kind and the food was nice, too. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss them so much, and also the foreign students, so they will always bring me fantastic memories.
All in all, I've felt so good this week that I'd like to repeat this experience again.
Inma Ager :)"
"The Erasmus’ week was truly awesome. I met such wonderful people who have become quite important friends to me, and I am looking forward to seeing them some time soon. 
Most activities were pretty interesting. Conversely, doing so many activities inside the secondary school was a little bit repetitive. Also, I would say the school food could improve. 
Talking about Rome, I consider this city was completly breathtaking. I didn’t expect it to be as beautiful as it actually is. My favourite monuments were ‘Il Colosseo’, ‘La Fontana di Trevi’ and ‘Il Pantheon’. 
In conclusion, this trip was absolutely amazing and I would repeat it over and over again. Also, it is great being more aware about what sustainability means and what we can do to help to look after this world.

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