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SUSTAIN-ME Program - Visit to De Panne in Belgium - 19-23 febrero

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Share is an ERASMUS+ Program that brings together teachers, students and schools in a cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary program in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Belgium. Our agenda includes weeklong visits in each of the 5 countries in a span of two years. Each visit tackles sustainability from a different angle: food, waste, architecture, fashion and travel. Among the questions we tackle are; what does sustainability mean and how does it affect us? What can European schools and students do to become more sustainable?


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Our last meeting took place in De Panne , Belgium.

Our students enjoyed the experience and these are some of their conclusions:

As far as I am concerned, this has been an experience worth-living not only because of the friendships I have built, but also because since this project started I have become much more sustainable and I am looking forward to learning more about it due to the fact I consider it as essential in our daily lives”.

María Hernández

We have learnt a lot about how people in other countries help the environment and what we should do to improve our city and country

Marta de la Portilla

My experience in De Panne has been amazing. The activities carried out in Belgium have improved my awareness in many aspects. I got interested in different topics related to sustainability, like cohousing or sustainable architecture”

Salvador Márquez

I think that this experience will definetely make a difference in my life…. I have learned that every little step counts and sustainability will only improve with our help. I will work on making my life more sustainble from now on. It´s been an eye-opening experience”

Silvia Guerrero



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