Visita a la Zona Franca de Cádiz

Miércoles, 25 de Noviembre de 2015 21:26 Carmen Fuentes NOTICIAS DEL IMM - Ciclos Formativos

Nuestros alumnos del ciclo superior de Comercio Internacional han visitado las instalaciones de la Zona Franca de Cádiz, han podido conocer de primera mano los proyectos que se llevan a cabo y la actividad empresarial de alguna de las compañías instaladas en su recinto.

Nuestra alumna Alicia Arévalo Smith, en colaboración con sus compañeros/as, nos cuenta su experiencia.



We have all considered that the visit to the Free-Trade Zone in Cádiz has been a great experience for our learning.

The visit started with a video introducing the history of Cadiz Free-Trade Zone (FTZ). Much to our surprise, it was created in 1929. We were explained about the special economic measures in the FTZ, the companies established there and the customs duties for these companies. Francisco Piñero, responsible for international commerce, informed us how this FTZ is expanding and the many projects they are involved in for the future. He also talked about the economical and social impact that Cádiz Free-Trade Zone has on the Bay of Cádiz. We were given the chance to sort out some doubts that we all, as International Trade students, had. Besides, he added many curious facts that were very illustrative.

We visited a logistic warehouse operator called "Cayco". Here we had the opportunity to see the goods, some from the EU and some from countries that aren't members. Here we also had the chance to ask one of the managers there about other questions that came up after visiting new places.

The Business Center is also part of the FTZ, a building where co-working is carried out. Co-working means that different companies share their offices in one same room; they are also given the opportunity to hire different conference rooms for a very manageable price. Here we could appreciate that FTZ is making a great effort to give diverse, practical opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

The next place in our visit was the "Servicios Documentales de Andalucia" where documents from various companies are stored. We were all very impressed on the amount of documents that there were in one same building and how they were all organized and found when necessary.

Finally, we went to the Board of Directors headquarters where we were welcomed by the Vice-chairwoman, Tania Barcelona, who gave us a different perspective of the FTZ. We were shown the premises and we had the chance to go in the boardroom where important, innovative decisions are going to be taken.

We all agree that we have had a great experience on this trip as we were given the opportunity to learn about real things that will be really useful for our future as International Traders.


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