Thanksgiving - Thursday 26th November 2015

Jueves, 03 de Diciembre de 2015 14:15 Carmen Aldama DEPARTAMENTOS - INGLÉS

Last Thursday the English Department organised some activities so that our students can get to know a bit more about English and American cultures.

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On Thanksgiving Day we talked about this American tradition in the classrooms, watched videos, made crosswords or other online activities in relation to the way American people celebrate this day.

The central piece of our plan was the creation of a huge poster of a turkey, hung on the corridor on the first floor. Then, we asked students to write thanking messages about what they wished, in the shape of the feathers on the turkey's tail, and stick their colourful messages onto the poster. In the pictures you can appreciate the process and the stunning result.

Finally, three students of Year 1 (Jorge J., Águeda R. and Tesoro A., 1º ESO A), recorded a video in front of our "Turkey Poster", wishing everyone a Happy Thansgiving Day.